Snowboarding & Skiing Tyrol Austria

Dieses Jahr hatten wir fantastisches Kaiserwetter beim Skifahren. Ein Tag war schöner als der andere. Sonnencreme war absolute Pflicht und dennoch haben wir leichten Sonnenbrand bekommen.

Das Snowboarden hat sehr gut geklappt und wir sind eine sehr gute Distanz von 210 km in 6 Tagen gefahren.

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Bangkok (Thai กรุงเทพมหานคร)

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On our return flight from Ko Samui we visited Bangkok. Bangkok as the capital of Thailand is known for its vibrant life. Through the city and its canals flows the Chao Phraya and is ideal as a means of transport for boats to visit the Old Town Rattanakosin and the Great Palace and Temple Wat Phra Kaeo. One trip costs a maximum of 15 bath (37 bath are one Euro). It is also recommended to take screenshots of Google Maps routes to show them to someone, e.g. if you take the bus. Continue reading “Bangkok (Thai กรุงเทพมหานคร)”

Ko Samui (Thai เกาะสมุย)

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This year we have chosen Ko Samui as our holiday destination. Ko Samui is a small island in the east of Thailand, whose inhabitants mainly live from fishing and the export of coconuts.

We chose a small boutique hotel in the northwest of the island, as the beaches are hardly built up and there are considerably less tourists.

The hotel was really a very good choice, I have an infinity pool, an area, a fitness area and excellent food. Continue reading “Ko Samui (Thai เกาะสมุย)”

Romania – Hermannstadt (Sibiu)

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Hermannstadt (Romanian Sibiu) is a city in the middle of Romania in the Carpathians. It was built by Saxon settlers in the 12th century. The Ratturm, which still exists today, dates from the 13th century. The medieval part of the city is essentially characterized by the Brukenthal Palace and the museum. The Old Town is the largest medieval town ensemble in Romania. Hermannstadt has its own international airport, which is ideal for a weekend or a longer trip through the Carpathians. Continue reading “Romania – Hermannstadt (Sibiu)”

Romania – Castle in the Valley of the Fairies (Castelul de Lut Valea Zânelor)

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“Castelul de Lut Valea Zanelor” is a fairytale building in the middle of Transylvania and means “Clay Castle in the Valley of the Fairies”.
The fairytale house was built in 2012 by Razvan Vasile from Bucharest, has 10 rooms and 320 square meters. It can be rented as a guesthouse and serves as a sought-after photo motif due to its uniqueness and fantastic surroundings. It lies in the picturesque scenery of the Fagaras Mountains and the roof is modelled on the peaks of the mountains.
Only 10 km from the Zanes valley is the road leading to the Negoiu peak. Lake Balea is 25 kilometres away and Fagaras Fortress is 40 kilometres away. Continue reading “Romania – Castle in the Valley of the Fairies (Castelul de Lut Valea Zânelor)”

Romania – Brașov (Kronstadt)

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Brașov is a Romanian city in Transylvania in the middle of the Carpathians. It was partly built by the Saxons, who built the city walls, and seven bastions around the city and many buildings. Some of the buildings still bear German inscriptions.
The Town Hall Square (Piaţa Sfatului) is in the middle of the old town and is surrounded by imposing merchants’ houses. It’s a very nice place to relax.
The old town hall was built in the 13th century and served as a meeting point for the town councils. On the old town hall is a turn, which was used as a watchtower in the Middle Ages to warn the inhabitants of a danger by means of
Brasov’s famous landmark is the Black Church. It was built in the 13th century and got its name after a fire in 1689 when a large part of the town was destroyed and the church was painted black. Continue reading “Romania – Brașov (Kronstadt)”

Austria – Ischgl 2018

Ischgl is a very beautiful village with many hotels, restaurants and bars. There are two slopes which end directly in the main shopping street of the village. What a great feeling to snowboard just along all the hotels and stop in the main street of Ischgl. So you can have a coffee or lunch in Ischgl and just continue snowboarding a minute later.

Ischgl has apparently a very busy night life. Ski boots are forbidden after 8pm to reduce noise. So if you want to get some sleep stay outside the center or just in the next village. Continue reading “Austria – Ischgl 2018”

Snowboarding 2018

After Sölden last year we are back in Ischgl. The weather was great, first two days very sunny, two cloudy days great for photos and the last two again very sunny.

To our mind Ischgl is one of the best skiing resorts in Europe if not in the world. A great range of different slopes, 238km in total, fun parks, stunning views, heated cabins, two countries and you can get across the skiing resort in 1 1/2 hours if you wish.

The duty free run down to Switzerland is quite nice with many non EU foreigners shopping in Samnaun. And you even find the customs on the slopes! Continue reading “Snowboarding 2018”

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